NEW STUDENT ON-LINE REGISTRATION SY2021- 2022: Info and Registrar Contacts

Tue, 08/18/2020 - 1:46pm

NEW STUDENT NEWSLETTER SY2021-2022 <- Click on this link to view the New Student Newsletter!

Start Online Enrollment process here, HCPSS website's Step-by-Step instructions: 
Once a new registration is filled out online, a school registrar will be in contact with you. The school registrars are working remotely. 
At this time, the following registrars are available for questions:;;

Address Change: FILLABLE_Change_of_Address.pdf

Moving into VES, we can assist you to obtain student records from their prior school,
Request for Records: FILLABLE_VES RequestforRecords.pdf

Moving away from VES, please initiate the process by filling out the HCPSS Withdrawal Form: 

*Parents/guardians who have already registered online, please remember that registration is not complete until a registrar reviews/verifies uploaded required documents (see list below). A registrar will coordinate a virtual GoogleMeeting with the parent/guardian to complete the enrollment.

You can follow steps 1-4 Online. Step 5, registrar will coordinate a virtual GoogleMeeting to complete the enrollment.
* You will need to upload the following documents during online registration:
Birth certificate, birth registration or passport
Current immunization record - must be from the pediatrician and signed
Deed or Lease to your residence
Current utility bill
Photo ID of registering parent/guardian - this MUST be shown during virtual meeting at time of registration.
Please visit the Howard County Public School System website for complete information about enrollment and registration.